Surf Dads

Surf Dads formed in 2015 as an outlet for members of Saskatchewan’s hardcore scene to pursue a sound that maintained a punk rock energy but shamelessly embraced anthemic melodies. They’ve since toured internationally, sharing the stage with the likes of Joyce Manor and Cloud Nothings. Their new LP Baby Blue marks their 6th release in 7 years and is available October 14 on Grind Central Records.

The new long player was self-produced and recorded in a cabin in northern Saskatchewan with overdubs completed in the drummer’s mom’s basement. It’s a boisterous and celebratory collection of songs that zeroes in on themes of friendship, insecurity, and anxiety.

Once described by a journalist as “Weezer on speed”, they’ve since matured and honed their craft into something that’s perhaps better described as “The Strokes on multi-vitamins”.