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All Day Breakfast Out Now

Regina indie rockers Surf Dads delivered some sunshine-y fun with their Summer Vacation EP last year, but they’re looking to serve up some more year-round fare on their debut album. All Day Breakfast is slated to hit the table on April 7. The album artwork is pictured above, while the full 12-song tracklisting can be found […]

Premiere: Surf Dads ‘Holly’

Surf Dads are the latest indie rock duo to hail from Canada. The Regina natives blend elements of emo into their melodic rock to create sound has an edge beyond what one can comprehend two musicians making. Their latest single, “Holly,” is both a poignant rocker and a mission statement. The song is loud and […]

The Feedback Society: Surf Dads

Local Music Feedback – Surf Dads Regina duo Surf Dads tell us about their new album, All Day Breakfast, and some of the music they love and hate along the way. Drummer Chris Dimas and guitarist/vocalist Gage McGuire met on the Regina music scene, eventually playing together in a hardcore band. They started playing as […]